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      Signal box

      天恒電器 專業電源研發生產商




THXH wall central signal box is specially designed for the small substation design, wall hanging installation; built-in microcomputer alarm light plate display.

Function characteristics of signal box

It is small in size, light in weight, and can be mounted on a wall.

20 road accident or notice of access, accidents and warning methods can be set up distribution, accident number can be set to 4 or 8.

Using a new type of semiconductor light plate, reliable energy saving.

Provide test function, test light plate and microcomputer alarm is normal.

Technical index of signal box

Power supply voltage: DC220V + 20% or 110V + 20%

Signal input: normally open dry contact

The accident alarm sound: 110 dB

Notice: the alarm sound for more than 100 dB

The function of the microcomputer alarm in the signal box

Setting: notice number selection, communication protocol selection

Signal acquisition function: light septum acquisition 20 road accident or warning alarm, light isolation collection of small busbar fuse

Audio reversion function: manual return, 20S no operation automatic negative return

Alarm function: provide accident alarm sound and preview buzzer sound

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